Thursday, January 10, 2008


A PGP Classic Soaps Blog reader directed us to this new interview with Victoria Wyndham (Rachel; Another World).

Enjoy this excerpt, and click on the link above for the rest!

DS(I)t doesn’t bother you to just be recognized for one role?

VW: It does when it means that now when I go online the only credit is Another World. That bothers me because all of the people that follow my career, the fan base, know that I do an awful lot more than that. So do the people who know me. While I was doing Rachel, I was never frustrated doing her. She was a fascinating character. I had a wonderful gig on that show and they let me do pretty much anything. I was able to explore all sorts of wacky things and playing the twin was really wacky.

DSYou weren’t particularly happy with that story line though. At first you didn’t mind, but then after …

VW: Oh my God, you have done your research haven’t you? Yeah. It was fun at first and then what a lot of people don’t know is there was internecine warfare between NBC and Procter & Gamble at that point. So there was a lot of push and pull. I now know that NBC was doing an awful lot of sabotaging of the show and that particular character. They had, for many many years, tried to get me off the show, tried to separate me from the show.


VW: They wanted to take it off the air.

DSAnd you were one of the main draws on the show? So if they got rid of you ….

VW: And, of course, Procter & Gamble understood what they were trying to do and were supporting me. NBC never let me know that. This became clear, as it came to a head, before they finally yanked us.

DSWhy did they not want the show anymore?

VW: Because they couldn’t own all of it. If Procter & Gamble had sold it to them, they undoubtedly would have gotten rid of me and made it a young, stupid show, the way they did with Passions...


Oakdalian said...

Does this blog reader bear any relation to the message board user who created a thread about the interview, Alina? Hmmm?

PGP Classic Soaps said...

I don't know. The blog reader was Derek, here (

Was he also the one who started the thread? I didn't check.

Derek said...

Hi Oakdalian - No, I am not the same person. It's great to know that we can recommend articles for posting.

Thanks again PGP for making this material available. Please consider advertising in mainstream media (soap opera publications, People, Reader's Digest, etc.) in both the US and Canada to let others know what a great initiative you have started. Is the Museum of Television and Radio aware of the on-line episodes?

Derek said...

Victoria Wyndham was the guest on an April 15, 2010 edition of blogtalkradio. The focus of the interview is pursuing new career opportunities. Following the cancellation of Another World, Ms. Wyndham turned her attention to the visual arts including a stint as a student at UCLA.

Now back on the East Coast, Ms. Wyndham is pursuing her artistic passions through painting, sculpting and mixed media. This is a must listen for all Another World fans. There is also a reference to an upcoming exhibit and an appearance with Charles Keating.

Link to Ms. Wyndham's artistic work, including a striking self-portrait and images of Mr. Keating.

April 16, 2010