Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara) will appear in a public service announcement for the Oral Cancer Foundation. The PSA will air during As The World Turns on Wednesday, January 16.

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And to see what effect Barbara's illness will end up having not only on her own life, but also Will, Gwen and baby Hallie's, keep watching ATWT!

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ATWT Fan said...

I am interested in seeing Barbara's upcoming storyline. However, I am NOT interested in seeing Sofie's kid being involved at all. Sofie's baby should have never existed or been born at all. I think that it is ridiculous that in the past 2 years all the babies related to core families were killed off. Yet the baby that is the product of a useless newbie with zero history has a baby. Sofie's baby should be dead not Gwen's, Meg's, or Emily's babies.

The way the Will & Gwen story was told is a slap in the face to this Willen fan. Until another baby that has been an insult comes along, Will & Gwen are without a child. I will never accept the slap in the face baby for my fav couple. Sofie's baby needs to die now!