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Comin’ in from “The Edge…”
That’s What Friends Are For - Part 2…
To Make a Friend, Be a Friend

As a creative artist and communicator sometimes we can change the lives of people we don't even know and may never ever meet. You can imagine how gratifying it was for me to get this e-mail in response to last week’s column. I wanted to share it with you.

Thank you… For being out there. I turned 45 today and I asked myself what the hell am I doing? I'm so caught up into my husband and children's lives that I left off creating a life for me. Thank you for helping me to gain perspective on the simmer and full boil of creating a life for myself. So after reading your last article I decide to book a hotel room in M----, CA, for myself on the ocean and seek God's guidance on where to begin again. I'm sure my family will appreciate a better me. From a seasoned woman with much to give. Shirley


I am awed and humbled that something I wrote could affect someone like that. And I am appreciative that Shirley took the time to write and let me know about it.


How many times have we all been affected by a kind remark that someone has said to us…or an act of kindness they’ve bestowed on us? And how often have we taken the time to let the other person know how much it meant to us?


How often have we thought a compliment (“Gee that’s a pretty dress she’s wearing”… “Susan got her hair cut…looks good.”) in our minds, but withheld speaking it aloud?

In last week’s column I talked about the value of having a support system. But we can give support in a myriad of ways, and receive support from a myriad of places…not just from friends and family, but from “ships-passing-in-the-night” total strangers.

I’m a big believer in “The Law of Reciprocity” also known as “Paying It Forward.” When we express a kindness or thoughtful gesture to others, I believe it always comes back to us. Not always from the person we extended the kindness to, though, but sometimes from an unknown source...and often when we least expect it…and may be most in need of it.

So this week, don’t hold back. If you think it (and it’s something nice) then say it! Pretty soon it’ll become a habit…and that’s when “The Law of Attraction” starts to kick in. It’s simple quantum physics…

The brain waves of kind, happy thoughts are a different frequency from unhappy, negative ones. And since “like attracts like,” pretty soon you’ll notice that the circumstances of your life are beginning to change in ways that are bringing you closer and closer to the accomplishment of the goals you set as your New Year’s Resolutions. Not only that, but you’ll find that, overall, you’ll feel a lot happier! But don’t just take my word for it, here’s scientific proof from a recent episode of ABC’s “20/20.”

Pretty cool, hunh?

So, to Shirley, I say: See what your act of kindness has done? Your e-mail inspired me to write this column! Your generosity of spirit has helped to change the lives of others, just like you credited me with changing yours. What a great gift you’ve given…not just to others, but to yourself.

Happy birthday, Shirley…you made my day!

XO, Mariann

PS – Don’t know how many of you saw Sixty Minutes on Sunday (1/13), but there was a fabulous interview with the young man who created Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

Today he’s just 23, with an estimated self-made worth of 3 billion dollars! He’s a low-key kinda guy who just followed his passion. Four years ago, when he was a student at Harvard, and started working on Facebook, his goal wasn’t to make a lot of money, but to have FUN. The money was a by-product. Mark works hard, but he loves what he does and has a tremendous amount of self-confidence and very supportive parents. Check out his interview, there may be something there for you.

BTW – Facebook is extremely user-friendly. With very limited technical skills, I was able to put my site up within just a couple hours. Check it out…and then come be my “Friend!” (You can also see pictures of my grandkids :-)

Mariann’s Facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1079554636

PPS – And a “shout out” to Esther, who also left a comment: “Yeah, I miss Edge, too.” (sigh)

(Mariann also blogs at Lee Bailey’s Electronic Urban Report)

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