Friday, January 18, 2008


Hughes scion Casey comes home at the end of January, now played by daytime newcomer Billy Magnussen, and quickly catches up with his family: Mom Margo (Ellen Dolan), Dad Tom (Scott Holmes), Grandma Lisa (Eileen Fulton) and ailing Grandpa Bob (Don Hastings).

This is one Oakdale family reunion no As The World Turns fan can afford to miss!


Oakdalian said...

He looks like a strapping hunk of Hughes-ness. Let's hope he can act.

P.S. Re-hire Scott Bryce ASAP.

Stacy said...

If Scott Bryce isn't on the show, then I won't see Casey's return.

Oh well.

powerpuff0209 said...

I don't have any intentions of watching the New Casey even if he can act I want Zach Roerig and Alexandra Chando back on the show until then I'm not watching