Thursday, January 17, 2008


Being manly. Enjoy!


Scarlett Echo said...

The men of Oakdale....yes, Craig Montgomery as portrayed by Scott Bryce - VERY manly. Very hot. Very FIRED????????????

Say what?

Please help us save Scott Bryce AND ever manly, Craig Montgomery.

Support page with all relevant addresses, telephone numbers, banners and postcards:

Please sign our petition:

Oakdalian said...

Will any of these men be left for us to watch in the near future? Letting go of Scott Bryce was MONUMENTALLY STUPID. His talent has elevated one of the worst stories ever. No other man in his age group will get a story any time soon. If Goutman and Passanante want to ride ATWT off into its demise ala Another World, this is a pretty big hint!

Stacy said...

Without Scott Bryce's Craig Montgomery, this particular fan will be tuning out. Letting go one of the most talented actors on the show was a STUPID idea.

Scott Bryce keeps my World Turning. It will be sad to say goodbye after having watched for 20 years.

Brooke said...

Letting go Scott Bryce was the thing that ended mt ATWT. He is a fantasric actor and Craig is the only male on this show I am enjoying. Letting him go was just stupid, this is another sign this show is going downhill :(

Esther said...

I do have to say, I'm hugely disappointed with Scott Bryce being let go. I had been holding vigil for his return ever since he left in the mid 1990s.... When he was cast again, I was soooo hopeful that meant they were finally going to fix my favorite character but instead they made the once hero even more demented. And yet, with Scott back, I could love him again. Now.....sigh.