Thursday, July 05, 2007


It's a double dose of Where Are They Now as Margaret Colin reaps accolades for her performance in Broadway's first revival of 1940's Old Acquaintance.

Blockbuster film fans know Colin from her role as Jeff Goldblum's ex in Independence Day, and primetime TV viewers from guest-shots in shows like Chicago Hope.

But to us soap savants, she will always be As The World Turns' first Margo (and real-life of wife of the Tom Margo married, Justin Deas, now Buzz on Guiding Light; both pictured above), as well as Edge of Night's Paige.

If you can't get to New York to see Margaret on stage, make sure you download her episodes of EON, airing right now on the AOL/PGP Classic Soaps Channel!

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jimmo said...

Do you why the AOL Procter & Gamble Classic Soaps videos won't play on Hi-Q (the enhanced viewing option), and why several of the videos won't play even after being saved on one's "My Playlist," why the player keeps reading "LOADING," then skips to the next playable video?

This problem may be more pervasive than just the P&G soaps, but as I have only tried to watch soap episodes, I am only aware of them not playing.

I have communicated with a few other soap fans who also report having these same problems--which makes me think it's a technical issue on the part of AOL & not something wrong with individual computers.

Theoretically, at least, it seems like all the episodes of a show should play.

These videos are free and open to all, but unfortunately AOL offers nothing but self-help information to all but paid subscribers, which doesn't really solve the problem in this case, so--H-E-L-P!!!