Thursday, July 26, 2007


With As The World Turns' Gwen (Jennifer Landon) and Will (Jesse Lee Soffer) expecting a miracle baby, we thought we'd put up a new hot shot of the couple, so we could all ponder what a pretty child it's destined to be.

Then, of course, there's the most important thing: names.

Since soap kids are rarely baptized with just some name their parents plucked out of a baby book (probably why no one on daytime is named Madison, despite it's being the second most popular name in America); it has to have meaning and symbolism and usually be in honor of a loved one (or at least a loved sentiment; Hope, Faith, etc...), here are some possibilities:

Girl: Jennifer, Hallie, Barbara, Paula
Boy: Harold, William Jr, Carl, Robert

What are your thoughts?


Marcia said...
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ATWT Fan said...

My choices for this baby are:

Girl: Hallie
Boy: Ryan

atwtfan12 said...

I love the new photo of Will & Gwen! I'm so happy they are having a baby!

Here are my baby name choices:

For a Girl: I like the name Hallie a lot and maybe her middle name can be Jennifer.

For a Boy: I either like Will Jr(Billy) or Harold.

I'm hoping for a girl because I really like Hallie! But mostly, I just want them to have a healthy baby!

MissT said...

Wow, this picture is gorgeous! They both look great.

I like Hallie for a girl, to honor Hal.

For a boy, Ryan, to acknowledge Barbara.

Like atwtfan12, I'm hoping for a girl. However, a healthy baby, and a happy Will & Gwen with their baby, is most important. They've had too much loss. They need some happiness for a change.

Anonymous said...

Girl: honor Jennifer
Boy: honor Hal & William Jr.

ATWT Fan said...

It is downright cruel and mean that the show took the name that the Will & Gwen fans wanted for THEIR BIO baby and are giving it the baby that the Willen fans do not want nor will ever accept. How heartless can this show be? It is an insult that Sofie's baby gets to be named after Hal not a baby this is biologically related to Hal. This is the hugest slap in the face that the show could ever give a fanbase.

The Will & Gwen fans do not want the Sofie baby at all. The majority of us would rather see them end up with no baby than to see then end up with Sofie's baby. Sofie's baby should have died not Gwen's. I will forever hate & resent the Sofie baby.

Will & Gwen will not have kids until they have the baby that THEIR fans want which is a BIO baby. No other baby will be accepted esepcially the Sofie's hand me down kid.

Give the viewers that they truly want which is another Willen miracle baby.

Angelica said...

I agree with the previous poster. How disgusting that Gwen's baby was killed off for Sofie's nasty ugly piece of trash kid? Sofie's kid does not deserve to be named after Hal. I will never accept Sofie's spawn at all. I want the show to give Will & Gwen the baby they deserve offscreen. Shame on ATWT for killing off the baby that the fans wanted. Sofie should have been killed off when she was pregnant with her first spawn not her second spawn. No one gives a hoot about Sofie's first spawn either. Time for Barbara to announce that Gwen has given birth to the true Hallie offscreen and that the insult baby has been banished from Willen's lives since it should have never seen the light of day.