Friday, July 20, 2007


Yesterday was Flitch Day.

According to this site: Flitch Day is an old custom, originating in Dunmow, Essex, England. Once a year, a flitch or 'slab' of bacon was given to any married couple who could prove they had 'not wished themselves unwed.' To offer their proof, a couple went before a mock court. In this court was a jury of bachelors and maidens, to which the the married couple would try to prove that they had lived in harmony and fidelity for the past twelve months. If they succeeded in convincing the jury, the couple was awarded a flitch of bacon from the local monks. Not surprisingly, it is said that very few "took home the bacon."

My question to you is: Is there ANY couple in Oakdale who might have qualified for the bacon in the past year? I've put up pictures above of ones who might come close, but do we really believe they've had 365 days of nothing but sheer bliss and never once wished themselves unwed? And which of ATWT's newer couples do you think has the potential to be future flitches?

Tell us what you think in the Comments below!


4everPEG said...

One couple I'd like to stay happily-ever-after would be Paul and Meg if ATWT plays their cards right!

MegandPaul said...

Meg and Paul have forever love written all over their story! I haven't seen a fight for love like there's in a long, long time!

kcnuttyfan said...

YES!!! Paul and Meg!!
Carley and Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!