Monday, July 16, 2007

Update: Read more about Jonathan's Story in this week's TV Guide.


Have you been missing Guiding Light's Jonathan (Tom Pelphrey) ever since he and baby Sarah left Springfield for life on the run? Do you wonder what that life has been like for them? And are you also more than a little curious about what Jonathan called Reva (Kim Zimmer) for last week that required her temporarily absconding with Lizzie?

Well, wonder no more! Not only will GL be revealing -- this week! -- what Reva was up to with Lizzie, but, come September, Pocket Books (publishers of the New York Times best-selling ATWT tie-in Oakdale Confidential) will release a novel, Jonathan's Story, detailing where Jonathan went, what trouble he got into there, and spotlighting his surprising, continuing connection to true love, Tammy.

Also in September 2007, Reva and Alan find themselves entangled deeper in each other's lives than either ever thought possible. How does that happen and why? Jonathan's Story has the answers!

Watch -- and read -- all about it!

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