Monday, July 23, 2007


Here's the story
Of a former Brady *
He was Peter
(Who liked applesauce
And chops made out of pork)
Christopher Knight
He was a pre-teen heartthrob.
But adult Chris
Had a tough time finding work **

Till the one day when he joined
A daytime drama.
On Another World it all began to gel.
He was Denny and he dated
Jennifer Runyon ***
And that's why he now appears

Classic Soaps on A-O-L!

* Other PGP former Bradys include Christopher Daniel Barnes, who played Paul on ATWT before co-starring as Greg in the feature films, and Jesse Lee Soffer, who was Bobby in the movies before coming to Oakdale as Will. More here.

** Middle aged Chris has moved on to starring in reality shows. Check out his official website, here.

*** After playing Sally on AW, Jennifer filled in for Susan Olson as Cindy on A Very Brady Christmas, meaning she went from playing Chris' girlfriend... to his sister.


Mike said...

Hope you don't mind, but I wanted to provide a correction. Christopher Knight played Leigh Hobson, while James Horan played Denny. Both brothers dated Sally, although Denny was the one who married her in 1982.

PGP Classic Soaps said...

You're right! James Horan was Denny. And then later he was the real Clay on "Loving," not the fake Clay/Alex... right?