Thursday, June 24, 2010

Go behind the scenes at the As The World Turns final cast photo shoot:


Derek said...

Thank you so much for placing this clip on your site. The CBS site blocks international fans from seeing it.

I look forward to the final shows dedicated to ATWT's fans. I am a latecomer to the program, only tuning in as a result of the Luke and Noah storyline. Loving the triangle with the character of Dr. Reid Oliver now in the mix. The actor who portrays him has me fixed to the screen whenever he appears. What a great acting find in the show's final few months.

PS - Eileen Fulton and the rest of the "veterans" look terrific.

PPS - Any chance you can possibly resurrect the show on your P & G You Tube site? Who needs broadcast networks anymore? I have followed the entire Luke and Noah storyline on You Tube thanks to dedicated fans.

Derek said...

Congrats to the ATWT cast members who won daytime Emmys! Sorry that they cancelled out the chances of several Guiding Light alumni. How about a tribute to the ATWT Emmy recipients?