Tuesday, June 01, 2010


"What are you doing here, Donna?" Marley pried loose her bedroom door a crack, hurriedly pulling on a robe and smoothing her unruly hair down with the fingers of one hand. "Did you escape from the hospital?"

"What? No! No, of course not." Donna flushed scarlet as she realized what precisely she'd interrupted; she'd been on Marley's side of the equation too many times not to recognize the telltale signs. Donna was about to apologize and make herself scarce — disturbing her daughter while she was... entertaining was definitely not the way Donna had intended to extend her homecoming olive branch — when a faint whiff of male cologne wafting off Marley's hair and skin hit Donna's sense memory with the forcible impact of twenty horrific years passed.

Without thinking through her actions, Donna shoved Marley's door the rest of the way, already knowing whom she'd find on the other side even before her eyes confirmed it.

Grant Harrison. Sitting on Marley's bed. On her unmade bed. Tying his shoelaces.

"Donna," he greeted as if her arrival were a long time coming. "You're looking a modicum less insane."

* * *

Jamie wrestles with revealing all to his sons, Sharlene tears into Allie, Alice points Amanda in a surprising direction, and Cass comes to a decision about his family's future.

Plus, classic clips of Frankie and John dealing with Gregory's first medical crisis, and Grant and Spencer setting a speed record in family dysfunction.

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