Monday, June 21, 2010


This time around, Lorna made sure to call and double-check for herself exactly what time Cass' allocution — and Lucas' release — were scheduled for.

She arrived a half-hour late deliberately, happily managing to miss the bulk of Felicia and Frankie's testimony singing Cass' praises and demonizing Cecile (not that Lorna objected to the latter, if asked she certainly had a story or two of her own to contribute) during the sentencing portion. Morgan was there, too. Lorna exchanged a quick glance with Cass' brother — he raised one palm in a wave and she instinctively, if somewhat self-consciously, smiled back — before slipping into the wooden pew across from her mother and the rest of Cass' cheering section.

Lorna looked around, noting that Lucas hadn't been brought in yet. She realized that as far as Felicia was concerned, his pardon was a done deal. That's how much she trusted Cass. But Lorna had no intention of exhaling until her father had been officially declared a free man, the handcuffs taken off and Lucas allowed to walk out of the courtroom, get in his car and drive home without a black and white picking him up along the way. That's how much Lorna trusted... anybody.

The Ballad of St. Cass finally over, Chase Hamilton stood up, sighed, turned to address the gallery and wondered out loud, "Would anyone else care to confess to this murder? Ollie-ollie-home free, speak now or forever hold your peace."


Rachel can't believe Carl's latest ally, Grant and Marley get caught, Jamie refuses Lorna's request, Sarah forces Allie to ponder the consequences of her actions, Kirkland reassures Charlie, while Frankie and Felicia face a nightmare.

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