Thursday, July 09, 2009


Fiona Hutchison once again reprises her Guiding Light role as the ghostly Jenna, beginning on Wednesday, July 29.

To refresh your memory of Buzz' wife and Coop's mother, click here.


Anonymous said...

GhostJenna's back again?

Hmm...that seals it. After we saw that Coop's package was filled with heist books, I've been thinking that Cyrus helped Buzz and Daisy because while he was gone, he found out that he was related to Jenna, probably a half-brother.

Could it be true? I hope so. Cyrus should've been Jenna's brother all along, not scumbag Grady's. It would be a perfect way to explain the almost subconscious bond Cyrus & Buzz have always had and how Buzz has always liked him no matter what he's done.

Columbus said...

I am so hoping that Jenna is coming back to console Buzz after the death of GMF (Good Man Frank).

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