Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Just when Paul thinks his life couldn't get any worse, Anthony Herrera returns to As The World Turns on Monday, August 10.

But this time around, Paul might not be the Stenbeck heir James is interested in....


PEGROCKS said...

Oh, he's coming after Eliza. Or could it be Hunter? Or Meg? What twist is ATWT going to throw at us this time around with James?

Love it! Can't wait!!!

WorldTurner said...

So with Henry's parentage now being in question, it looks like Henry will indeed be another son of James? I'm finding that rather hard to believe.

laroc said...

Henry as James' son? Don't make me laugh. That would really finish this show for me. Henry's a great comedic player - don't even TRY to make him into a Stenbeck.

Jeff Marks said...

Vienna and James are both Swedish :)

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