Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Fathers & Sons Edition.

Only tomorrow, only on Guiding Light.


schiffeg68 said...

Bring on Ed Bauer!

dana said...

Ed and Rick in the Bauer house, YEAH!! I cannot wait for this

Tanzania said...

Why oh why must Frank Cooper be everywhere? Does he have a secret fan club that no one else knows about?

It's nice to see Ed/Rick and Phillip/Alan *and* Buzz, though. Just, please, please, please, stop pimping out Frank so much. It hurts.

LovingLight said...

I'm so happy to see Ed & Rick / Alan & Phillip together but why "only tomorrow" ?

We really need to focus on the core families before the end.

supersage21 said...

Ed should have been on the show all these years!

They can leave Frank at the park for all I care.

wheelswee said...

Glad to see Ed!! And Rick too! Love that Phillip is back and btw, I like Frank!!