Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Hyman elucidated on his organ antics vis-à-vis his radio career: "The first time I played Hammond B3 was for [alto saxist] Alvy West, who had been with Paul Whiteman. He was a great arranger who had a small band and added another member, me on piano and organ. It was because of that small entry on my resume that NBC realized that I could be trusted to do soap opera. I also did some radio dramas such as 'Front Page Farrell.' I parodied one for the Woody Allen film Radio Days called 'Tales From The Crypt.' Hyman had a long association with Allen being the auteur's music director for many years.

I don't remember playing the organ for any of those long-running shows like 'The Shadow,' or 'Inner Sanctum.' The longest run I had was 'As the World Turns.'

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