Thursday, July 09, 2009


Forbes March makes his first As The World Turns appearance as Mason on Tuesday, July 14. Watch for the film professor to interact with his student, Noah, which brings Mason into the orbit of Noah's boyfriend, Luke, as well.

March previously played Scott on AMC and Nash on OLTL.

Meanwhile, Europeans (and those headed French-side) can shortly plant themselves in Nuke's orbit, too. Van Hansis (Luke) and Jake Silbermann (Noah) will attend their first European fan event in France on October 17, 2009 at Auditorium Jean-de-La-Fontaine 25, avenue du General Sarrail. For more information, please visit or e-mail


Unknown said...

I love Luke & Noah together. And I love the way Van Hansis always plays a so affectionate and loving boyfriend like in this photo. Thanks for sharing it. Please, post more of these Luke & Noah's cute photos.

But I'm not looking forward to this Mason storyline. Triangles are not "my cup of tea" and I don't want to see anyone coming between Luke & Noah.

Thannyr said...

H, I totally agree! Triangles are lame, overdone, soap opera fat staple that need a rehaul/diet regime. With a potential for that happening for Nuke, I'm going to just DIE! I'm going to be heartsick. This Nuke fan is shouting...Hell a Mason/Nuke triangle or a storyline where Nuke are "drifting apart" because of phony issues like family and school. They have broken up a few times already and you'd think they would be FOCUSING in being a loving couple WITH great stories to prop THEM up, NOT tearing down their love and coasting on lame kidnappings and lightspeed written scenes. They JUST moved into a place (that we haven't seen yet!) and need to be a strong unit. I love my Nuke and will support them no matter, but a TRIANGLE...stinks!

Thannyr said...

Oh, I REALLY hope the European fans have a TOGETHER and IN LOVE Nuke when Van and Jake visit in October. It would be really depressing if Nuke is on a serious breakup when they are there. *cry*

Carrie said...

In Luke's orbit as well better mean Noah will be with him at all times when with Mason. I DO NOT want Luke to fall for Mason because all those people in the anybody but Noah club will crawl out of thier little holes and cheer on a Luke and Mason pairing like with Brian and Noah will once again become a dayplayer and if this happens I am done with this show and will pray this show gets cancelled. ok rant done.

2A said...

Thanks for the pictures of Luke/Noah and Mason. I hope their upcoming storyline will be a good one.

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