Monday, October 26, 2015


Episode #6 of my "Accepted! Secrets of NYC School Admissions" podcast is called "It's About Time."

In it, I talk about what parents need to do if they want to accelerate their child a grade, and if they want to hold them back a grade (especially relevant to those with fall birthday kids, which means they'd have to start public school Kindergarten before turning 5). I also give a month by month timeline of everything you should be doing starting now all the way through September 2016.

Of course, the NYC Department of Education being the NYC Department of Education, they've already changed one deadline since this podcast was recorded. Kindergarten Connect will now open December 7, 2015, close January 15, 2016, and placement offers are promised for March.

Don't know what Kindergarten Connect is or why those new dates are important? Then you can't miss this latest instalment. Just click on the image below to listen.

And to listen to previous podcasts on subjects like Gifted & Talented testing and prep, private school, Hunter College Elementary, dual language programs, unzoned schools, and more, click here:

Finally, excited to announce that my next, FREE, open to the public, "Getting Into NYC Kindergarten" workshop will be at Wyatt Lily on Wednesday, November 4 at 6 pm. Register by emailing me at:

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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