Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Baby rabies is running rabid all over The Bold & The Beautiful this month, as not only is Caroline, a young, healthy, 20something woman with presumably plenty of time to reproduce suddenly obsessed with getting pregnant the minute she and her much older husband tie the knot (be careful what you wish for Caroline; she is pregnant… with her stepson’s child), but now the newlywed Maya and Rick are chomping at the baby-making bit.

The fly in the ointment there is that transgender Maya can’t conceive a child. Rick is fine with adoption. “We might get a baby by Christmas!” he gushed, probably already planning to order one online, down to specifying gender, hair and eye color (he’s very rich; he’s used to excellent customer service). But Maya wants a baby that’s biologically related to them both. She suggests that her younger sister, Nicole, be their surrogate. Nicole’s boyfriend, Zende, isn’t feeling generous about sharing Nicole’s body for a year or more with some other couple, and, very reasonably, suggests Nicole merely donate her eggs, and Rick and Maya can hire a gestational surrogate to do the heavy lifting. Nope. Maya wants Nicole to carry the baby, too. For quality control, presumably. As of last week, Nicole is in.

How can this possibly go wrong?

Well, as it’s a soap, let us count the ways with Entertainment Weekly (and General Hospital, and Days of Our Lives, and All My Children, and Guiding Light, and more) here.

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