Tuesday, May 05, 2015


I launched my live writing project this past July to demonstrate how a 1st draft gets to publication (spoiler: many revisions are involved).

Show Not Tell is a key writing mantra, and I figure why learn from your mistakes when you can learn from mine (it's less painful that way).

To compliment the live writing that you can watch at: www.AlinaAdams.com/live, I thought I'd also record my thought process (bigger spoiler: I'm making all this up as I go along).

So check it out below, then go to: www.AlinaAdams.com/live to see how the scenes in question turned out. (Just search by the date.) And make sure to leave a comment, telling me what you think!


UPDATE 4/20/15
Not a huge fan of starting to write without knowing what the scene(s) are about, especially when I’m writing live for all to see. But being a pro writer means writing every day, not just when you feel like it. So here I go…

UPDATE 4/21/15
Had an idea for the middle of yesterday’s scene. Still no ending. Writing is fun! (Especially when you’re being watched!).... Wait! I think I thought of an ending!

UPDATE 4/23/15
Why do the scenes in my head always sound better than they do on paper?

UPDATE 4/30/15
Decided to take a break in the scene I was writing, before both characters said something they’d later regret. Wish I was this diligent in real life.

UPDATE 5/4/15
Let’s see if my characters can finish their conversation without completely ruining their relationship.

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