Friday, May 08, 2015


In 2010, when Karen Quinn's book, "Testing for Kindergarten" first hit the shelves, I was so impressed that I interviewed her for my NY Gifted Education Examiner column. Read it at the links:

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

Now, I am proud to announce that my own book, "Getting Into NYC Kindergarten," is featured on Karen's site.

Check it out and, while you're there, sign up to receive 100 FREE practice questions to get your child ready for NYC public gifted and private school testing. As I write in "Getting Into NYC Kindergarten," if you have your heart seat on Hunter College Elementary, a Gifted & Talented program, or a private school like Horace Mann, then prepping is definitely the way to go. The competition for Kindergarten seats is just that intense!

And if you have no idea what Hunter College Elementary, a public Gifted & Talented program and/or Horace Mann are, then check out both my book and Karen's, below!


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