Friday, May 29, 2015

Entertainment Weekly: ‘The Bold & the Beautiful’s’ transgender Maya is ‘like every other woman’

“Maya is just like every other woman in Rick’s life,” The Bold & Beautiful’s Brooke fumed last week, insisting that her son’s girlfriend is an untrustworthy liar, just like Rick’s other exes, Amber and Caroline.

Brooke didn’t mention that her son has a tendency to be a major scumbag in his own right.

Or that Maya is transgender.

The former can be attributed to the blinders worn by most mothers when it comes to their precious baby boys (no matter how old – or scummy – their baby boys get).

The latter is… unexpected.

When B&B first dropped their Maya is Transgender bombshell back in March, fans instantly began speculating about how various characters would react to the news. Not just Rick – who regularly made a point of rubbing his girlfriend’s beauty, femininity, and unquestionably honesty in the faces of those who he believed lacked those qualities, but also Rick’s parents, siblings, and, especially his enemies. (Rick made a lot of enemies with his face-rubbing. Also with his deliberate humiliation of his family members and employees, his replacing his stepmother’s place-of-honor portrait with one of Maya, and his firing off a gun at his ex-wife and her new lover, Rick’s brother, Ridge.)

The truth began seeping out almost immediately (quite surprising in the world of soaps, especially a Bell soap, where one conversation can last from Monday to Friday). People were initially surprised. Who wouldn’t be? But then they… got over it.

Read why that's both a good and a bad thing at Entertainment Weekly:


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