Thursday, April 30, 2015


From Baby Does NYC:

"I am a huge believer in school-choice. But it is very difficult to make a choice if you are unaware of all your options. I wrote “Getting Into NYC Kindergarten” for two reasons. One) So that parents will be aware of what’s possible (and I inject it with enough reality to make clear what’s probable). And Two) Because not everyone can afford a $10,000 private admissions consultant, or a preschool with a director connected enough to pick up the phone and get you into the school of your choice. I believe that information about the school process (as well as how to work it to your advantage) should be available to all NYC parents – without breaking the bank. Most people guard what they know like it’s a state secret. I want to change all that, and this book is, hopefully, a start. I think of it as: Admissions secrets for the rest of us."

From Parents of Accelerated Learners NYC:

"If you ask my children, they will tell you that I am a horrible mother because with my oldest son, a pure English and History guy, I sent him to Stuyvesant, a math and science school, whereas with my younger son, a math, science and computer whiz, I sent him to a private school that heavily focuses on literature and geography. My rationale is, the things they love, they are going to do anyway. And they are going to study their passions deeper than any school possibly could accommodate. The subjects they don’t love, they are going to have to be dragged to, kicking and screaming. Which means they had better learn them at the highest possible level, because then, even if they only retain 75% of it (i.e. “C” level), that will still be more than they would have gotten in a school that doesn’t spend as much time on the topics they’re not interested in. My children are not ecstatic with my approach."

From School Choice International:

"No other book like it currently exists. There are books on NYC's top public and private schools, books on applying to private school, and books on how to prep your child for a variety of entrance exams. But "Getting Into NYC Kindergarten (September 2016)" is the first to cover everything in one. And because it's electronic, it features links to dozens of sites, articles and reports for parents to learn more about each topic; things like the pros and cons of gifted programs, red-shirting, single-sex schools and longer school days. Plus, the NYC Department of Education is known to change rules and requirements midstream. "Getting Into NYC Kindergarten (September 2016)" can be instantly updated, unlike a print book. I also have an option for parents to sign up for email updates to be notified right away when processes change."

From Smart Coos:

“Getting Into NYC Kindergarten” sprang directly out of my own experience. The Department of Education is almost impossible to get a straight answer out of (not to mention, they have a tendency to change their own rules mid-application cycle). The process for applying to public school is different from charter, which is different from private, which is different from Gifted & Talented. I wished there was one unified place to go for all the information parents needed. So I made one."

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"Getting Into NYC Kindergarten" is available at:

And I'll be giving two "Getting Into NYC Kindergarten" workshops in May:

* Thursday, May 14, 2015 at River Park Nursery School on the Upper West Side

* Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at Evolution Enrichment in Chinatown 

Click here for more information and to register. 


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