Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The 2015 Daytime Emmy Awards returned to television on Sunday, April 26, with a live broadcast on Pop (formerly TV Guide Network) that, for the first time ever, went about 15 minutes over its scheduled time. Read on for a soap-centered recap of highlights, lowlights, and host Tyra Banks’ periodic lack of pants.

Matt Lauer and Ellen DeGeneres open the show with a pre-recorded segment, followed by a live Tyra rapping, and Steve Harvey presenting the Outstanding Supporting Actress trophy to Amelia Heinle (Victoria; The Young & the Restless). She is the first actress to win back to back statues in this category, but viewers at home might not know that, since this show doesn’t have the backstage Voice of God spouting factoids while the winners walk up to the stage. (Maybe I’m the only who noticed, since I used to be the one to write those for the Dick Clark Productions telecasts.)

Leeza Gibbons and Alex Trebek present the next award, and we have to wait until 8:24 PM for a pair of soap-opera presenters, General Hospital’s Ryan Paevey (Nathan) and Kirsten Storms (Maxie) to hand out Outstanding Morning Program.

Fans vote on their favorite Bitch Slap. The winner is: Quinn smacks Brooke on The Bold & the Beautiful.

Tyra loses her pants.

Daniel Goddard (Cane; Y&R) surprises a fan and invites her to present on stage with him. They do.

Chad Duell (Michael; GH) wins for Outstanding Supporting Actor. The show must already be overtime, since they’ve dropped the clip packages with scenes from the nominees. (Again, maybe I’m the only one who notices, after way too many years spend in the production truck, listening to the director scream at actors for taking too long with their acceptance speeches.)

We get a montage of soaps’ greatest love stories, set to A Chorus Line’s “What I Did For Love” (psst… it’s a song about loving your work, not loving another person). Those in the audience see the montage on a pair of screens. Those at home see the montage whenever the camera isn’t on the singer. The camera is on the singer quite a bit.

The Daytime Emmys fulfills the requirement of having every award show honor Betty White for being the last living Golden Girl. (Fred Willard mentions that she was also on B&B.)

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