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Whether you first met Louise Sorel as the pigeon-puff making Augusta on Santa Barbara, the nemesis-burying Vivian on Days of Our Lives or as the imperial Judith (who, alas, neither cooked nor buried) on One Life to Live, you know that she can play a character!

Well, now she's playing several of them in a new, stage revival of I Remember Mama, running through April 20 at The Gym at Judson in New York City, where ten actresses assume all twenty-five speaking roles.

Tickets to the show are regularly $59 dollars, but soap - and Louise Sorel - fans can click this link and enter code: IRMRRM to purchase the same seat for only $39.

Or, if you're really feeling lucky, enter the Soap Opera 451 giveaway! I've got two pairs of tickets to give away to two lucky winners. Just email with the subject line "Win Tickets" to be entered in our drawing. Winners will be notified by email on Friday, April 11, 2014.

In the meantime, to get you in the mood, enjoy our interview with Louise Sorel about I Remember Mama... and soaps, too!

Soap Opera 451: In this production of "I Remember Mama," you are playing more than one character. Which ones are they, and how would you relate them to all the different characters you've played on soaps throughout the years?
Louise Sorel: I can't relate them to soaps - this is a play and the roles are from another time in life. Although the grandeur of Florence Dana Moorehead is close to Vivian Allemain - in a small way.

SO451: How is acting on stage different from acting for the camera?
LS: Stage work is larger and more complicated in that we are onstage for two hours and constantly involved.  It's never piecemeal on stage.

SO451: "I Remember Mama" explores a variety of family dynamics. So do soaps. How would you compare the way this show deals with family relationships to how soaps tackle them?
LS: I am hesitant to answer this - "Mama" is a tender, poetic familial piece and deals with historic beginnings for a family - who is poor and close - with some sibling rivalry and deep love among all of them. I don't really want to get into the difference because they are different mediums and are expressed for different reasons.

SO451: Why would soap fans in particular enjoy this production of "I Remember Mama?"
LS: This is filled with wonderful actresses and very moving - I don't know what more someone would want from the theater?  Plus it's got lovely humor.

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