Thursday, April 17, 2014


The Dallas reboot went on mid-season break this week with a very familiar cliff-hanger. I'm so old I remember the last time Southfork went up in flames with a drunk Sue Ellen inside. And John Ross just a teeny, tiny tot (my, how fast they grow) who needed Ray to rescue him by jumping into the pool (see photo).

But, it's doubtful any cliff-hanger will ever measure up to the one that had the whole world talking, 1980s "Who Shot Jr?"

Many primetime soaps did try to match the frenzy Dallas generated. Dynasty shot up its entire cast in a make-believe, Eastern European principality (there actually is a Moldavia, by the way, but, at the time, it was a Soviet state. Whenever someone on Dynasty announced, "I'm the King of Moldavia, my mother would reply, "And I'm the Princess of Ukraine.") Falcon Crest sent a Valley-shattering earthquake. And today's primetime soaps are upping the ante even further.

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