Tuesday, June 10, 2008


What's not to love about the 80s?

Madonna... Mary Lou Retton... Michael Jackson... Mikhail Gorbachev... (obviously a big M period...)

Katie Peretti was born on-screen at the very tail end of that very hip and happening decade on February 22, 1989.

Brad Snyder was presumably at least a young teen by then if we're to judge by the fact that when he first showed up in Oakdale in 1998 he was already well into drinking and driving age.

However, through the magic of both SORAS (hi, Tom Hughes in 1970) and reverse SORAS (hi, Tom Hughes post-Justin Deas), Katie and Brad are now pretty close in age.

To watch the Snyder newlyweds (plus a couple of interlopers) pay tribute to the decade that brought us both "Where's the Beef?" and Live Aid to fight hunger, tune into As The World Turns next week!

Until then, enjoy our preview photos above.

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teddymac said...

I always love seeing Brad and Katie pictures. Thanks!