Friday, November 09, 2007


One thief + two cops = a pair of stolen hearts.

You do the math.

Only on Guiding Light.


Anonymous said...

The only math that really matters is the fact that if this show keeps stupidly breaking up the only couples that have any chemistry or rooting value, like Cyrus & Marina, Josh & Reva, and Gus & Harley for no reason but to reshuffle things and end up with innane, passionless, and unwatchable pairings like Cyrus & Harley, Josh & Cassie, and Gus with Natalia and/or Olivia it'll reach a brand new all-time low of 1.2 by New Years. Yeah, great way to avoid cancellation you idiots, break up the only couples people actually care about. Great plan! It doesn't take a genius to figure this stuff out. Forget the strike issue and the possibility of scab writers, this show would be better off with a room full of monkeys dancing on typewriters at this point if this kind of incestuous garbage is all the "real writers" are capable of coming up with.

Stephanie said...

I have some math

Cyrus + Marina = True love!

Cyrus + Harley = Low Viewers!!

This is worse than CASH!

I love cyrina and I want them together Marina deserves to be happy. FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE.

Billie said...

I really just don't understand. Its as if they don't watch what they write. We have been watching the most incredible love story Guiding Light has come up with in a very long time.

He's a theif she's a detective and they fall in love. Cyrus and Marina were going to run away together. She was leaving her family, her job, and almost lost her life. He tried to swim after a motor boat in his desperation to save her. He traded his life for hers. This makes no sense.

How do you build up an epic love story and throw it away on a cheap parlor trick like connecting over a near death experieince? If its not too late please don't do this.

After everything that Cyrus and Marina have been through don't trash what they feel for each other by having him "develop feelings" for Harley.

And by the way Harley needs to learn to forgive. The man she is meant to be with. The man who would die for her is Gus Aitoro. After everything they have been through how can one mistake out weigh all the stuff he got right?

Please, please, please don't take Cyrus away from Marina. Cyrus wouldn't do this and if Harley is not a complete hypocrite neither would she.

Billie said...

Today's episode Monday 11/12 was such a disappointment. Friday we witnessed the most intense display of love and devotion between Cyrus and Marina not to mention their fun sexy chemistry and the cutest proposal ever. Today we are treated to the contrived crap that is the "near death" bond between Cyrus and Harley. Sure looks a lot like what you did to Gus and Harley just a little while ago with Natalia. Geez guys do you think that maybe if your just going to write the same unpopular and stupid story twice that you're going to be called back to work anytime soon? Looks like they can just pick up the scripts from the last time you destroyed true love and read from those.

Does Cyrus love Marina? It sure looked like it on Friday. It looked like classic Cyrus and Marina which got me watching GL again. Talking about being married and spending every second together, the funny ten minutes scene, the main street scene. But now in the same day he is just so taken with Harley's magical ability to get charges dropped (when the victim can't) that he brings up the stupid kiss? I'm not getting it. Is Cyrus going to be written as undecided and stupid as Gus was?

Tell me when you completely destroy any credibility of Cyrus loving Marina will you then give him back to her or will he become her new Uncle? Maybe she will just stick a gun in her mouth and kill herself which would probably be more merciful than the plan you have to have for them all go into business together. Which I am sure will be another vehicle for all the contrived situations you need so that you can attempt to show Harley and Cyrus developing feelings or fighting feelings or as Linda Hurst called it "romance." Hey Linda it isn't "romantic" for an Aunt to develop feelings for her niece's boyfriend its trashy. Jerry Springer trashy.

If I'm supposed to I don't feel sympathy for Harley.I wish a falling beam would have put her and I both out of our misery.

And as incredibly good looking as Cyrus is it has always been his attraction to Marina and his loyalty to Marina that makes him likable. If he betrays Marina or if he even spends time thinking about betraying Marina his character is going to suffer. Does he really fall so deeply in love and then out so quickly? I like Cyrus he is one of the best characters to hit Springfield but maybe Gus was right maybe he has loyalty to no one and if that's the case I don't like him anymore.

You know what just for all this crap you are pulling I'm not buying Bounty or Pringles or Tide or Pampers. In fact, I'm going to print out a PGP product list to take with me shopping just so I can NOT buy any PGP products.

This story sucks!