Thursday, November 08, 2007


On the latest AOL/PGP Classic Soaps Channel episode of Another World, Rachel is horrified to learn that her son, Jamie, has married Cecile, a woman Rachel believes is only after Jamie's money and position (in other words, a girl exactly like the one Jamie's dad married lo these many years ago; after she'd divorced the man she'd initially cuckolded into believing he was Jamie's father and broken up dear old dad's marriage to the love of his life. Ehem).

AW's first Cecile was played by Susan Keith, who'd previously portrayed Samantha on OLTL (teen Sam eventually married the much, much older Asa, though Keith wasn't playing her by then). After AW, Keith spent 10 years playing Loving's Shana, a woman with a tendency to fall for unavailable men. A married cop with post-traumatic stress issues. A Catholic priest....

Luckily for Keith's personal life, the married cop was first played by James Kiberd. The actors wed in 1986 and, in 1989, Kiberd began playing Trevor on AMC.

Since leaving Pine Valley in 2000, Kiberd briefly filled in as Hal on As The World Turns. He has also focused on his career as an artist and as a Unicef Ambassador.

Susan Keith is a bit harder to track down. She seems to have retired from acting. In 1998, a Susan Keith-Kiberd wrote into wondering about the capitol gains tax on her IRA.

If this is indeed the former Another World star, we can presume she is hard at work managing the family finances, so that Susan Keith never ends up like Cecile -- her inheritance gone and desperately searching for another meal ticket.


Buster Brandt said...

Susan worked in Italy for awhile on RAI-TV, created and wrote "Daytime Tonight" with Debra Rothenberg...then "Doc Around the Clock", an holistic health show in which she also directed and starred along side Dr. Paul Muscolino. Starred in Santa Monica with James Kiberd in "Sylvia" and in NY in 'The Perfect Ganesh" directed by James...and at the 2004 NYC Fringe Festival in "Founding Fathers" playing 4 different roles...1 of which was Martha Washington...another a male politician. Susan spoke and appeared as an advocate for "Gilda's Club" joining Dr. Ed Kornel, Joanna Bull in helping them get GC started by doing Ski Fest weekends; Sporting events such as playing doubles with Gene Wilder and Regis Philbin and many other such money raisers, Worked alongside James in various Unicef projects, as well as, speaking for the NIH in Washington, DC, on behalf of children re: health risks of iron in paint. Moved to California for several years doing theatre with her husband and dogs. Coaching, directing together--most notably 2 productions of "Our Town" with kids 9-23 years old in Palos Verde, CA...and college students in Canton, MO. She described the time as "being like 2 kids just out of college, on the road, doing theatre. How lucky were we to get another chance to do that?" And, yes, she does manage the family finances and has been "day trading" stocks for years now...she's become "Shana". Susan has definitely not retired!

Steve Ramirez said...

Did Susan Keith leave Another World on her own accord or was it decided she no longer fit the role of Cecille, whose personality seemed to change drastically with Nancy Fragione.
I've always wondered.