Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Ryan Serhant, the latest Inturn winner, debuts on As The World Turns today in the role of Evan Walsh IV.

So who, you may well ask, was Evan Walsh III (or the Second and First, for that matter)?

James Evan Walsh III arrived in Oakdale in 1990. He was the grandson of James Walsh, Lucinda's late husband. Evan and his sister, Conner, believed that it was Lucinda's take-over of Walsh Enterprises that led their father, James II, to commit suicide. (For those keeping score, Lucinda's first husband, Martin Guest, Lily's adoptive father, also committed suicide. Obviously putting up with Lucinda can push even the heartiest of men over the edge).

Evan briefly dated Rosanna Cabot during her I-may-be-a-stinking-rich-heiress-but-I-prefer-mucking-
out-stinking-stalls-on-the-Snyder-farm phase (thank goodness she eventually got over that). Rosanna dumped Evan for Mike, and Evan retaliated by getting the mechanic in trouble with his parole officer.

Evan's next love interest was Barbara Ryan (proving, once again, that she and Rosanna must have something in common, for men like Evan, Craig, James and, to an extent, Paul, to be drawn to both of them; for those wanting to take the comparison further, Evan also had a one night stand with Emily). Barbara convinced Evan to give up the straight-laced life of a businessman and search for his true passion in life. Evan responded by signing up for the merchant marines and setting sail out of Oakdale in 1995.

Presuming he met a girl in the very next port, Evan Walsh IV should be 11 years old right about now. However, to be fair, we don't know for a fact that this isn't a son he father before arriving in Oakdale -- and just neglected to mention.

In any case, Evan the son comes to town as a hot-shot research scientist, top of his graduate school class and the youngest one in it, to boot. He's a friend of Chris Hughes, looking to use Bob's doctor son as Evan's entree to doing some cutting edge biotechnology wonk-work at Memorial Hospital.

How will the Hughes' family react to the 22nd century crashing in on them in the form of Evan Walsh IV? Tune into ATWT every day and find out!


Norma said...

I can't wait to see that hottie Ryan!

Oakdalian said...

Hopefully he'll actually have a scene with Lucinda and not be stuck in a bubble with Craig doing business deals.