Tuesday, November 06, 2007


With Lily (Martha Byrne) and Holden's (Jon Hensley) marriage once again on the rocks, and the mother of four seemingly drifting back to her first love, Dusty (Grayson McCouch), now is a fun time to remember that not only was Holden not Lily's first lover, but he also wasn't her first husband, either.

That honor belongs to Derek Mason, as played by Thomas Gibson (above), formerly of Dhama & Greg, now starring in Criminal Minds.

Derek wed Lily while plotting with his father to kill the blushing new bride for her money. Of course, as happened to everyone in Oakdale during those days, Derek fell in love with Lily and tried to get dear old Dad to call off the scheme. Dad didn't, and Derek died in an explosion meant for Lily, trying to protect her.

Lily survived, but was badly burned enough to leave town for a while seeking plastic surgery. She returned a few months later with a new face. And several inches taller. It was that Lily (actress Heather Rattray) who actually wed Holden. For the first time.

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