Thursday, March 17, 2016


Soap-opera villains come in two flavors. There are your Young & Restless Victors and General Hospital Sonnys, who bellow and stomp their feet and attack innocent glassware in fits of rage when things (i.e. business, women, children) don’t go exactly their way. But they, along with the women who fake pregnancies and drug men into thinking they had sex despite being unconscious, are still, more or less, within the realm of reality and actions that actual human beings might, under some very particular circumstances, engage in. Even Days of Our Live’s newest daddy for John (yes, there have been quite a few of them) is still teetering on the precipice. At the moment, kidnapping babies, holding leading men prisoner and wanting to drain all of his son’s blood for a transfusion still falls under acceptable crazy status.

Then there are the supervillains. Bad guys – and gals – who aren’t constrained by space, time, gravity, science, or weather. They’re the ones who, in theory, could take down a soap town’s Big Bad on Campus – not just Victor and Sonny, but DAYS’ own Victor, even the Bold & the Beautiful’s face-morphing Sheila – without breaking a sweat… or a nail. The fact that they don’t has to mean they either don’t see these merely mortal villains as a threat. Or just don’t believe getting rid of them would be sporting. And/or worth their time.

So who are these comic-book worthy foes, and what has lifted them into the pantheon above run-of-the-mill schemers and thugs? We count down our Top 5 Favorites at Entertainment Weekly, here:

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