Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Monday, March 21 marked the 36th anniversary of the greatest soap-opera cliffhanger the world had ever seen: Dallas’ Who Shot JR? It raised the bar for television cliffhangers, both primetime and daytime and though multiple attempts have been made since – including the TNT reboot having him shot and, this time, killed, and their ironic first season tag which literally featured the character of Cliff… in a (plane) hanger – no show has proven able to duplicate the international hysteria the original triggered.

Not that daytime hasn’t given it the old college try, repeatedly. Often by sending someone flailing off an actual cliff. Just last week, as they went into their March Madness hiatus, The Bold & the Beautiful had Quinn give Deacon the old heave-ho in order to keep him quiet about Quinn’s keeping an amnesiac Liam away from his loved ones (especially the ex-fiancĂ©e who was about to marry Liam’s brother – Quinn’s son).

Will viewers ever see Deacon again now that he’s falling many hundreds of feet into the Pacific Ocean? We calculate the odds based on previous cliffhanging cliff-topplers from shows including GH, DAYS, Y&R, GL, OLTL, AMC and more at Entertainment Weekly:

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