Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Last week on The Bold & the Beautiful, after denying that she was spiraling out of control emotionally and developing a drinking problem, to boot, Katie smashed the glass tumbler holding her alcohol. Then, to demonstrate how desperately low she’d sunk, a tearful Katie picked up the broken tumbler and sipped from it anyway.

(One does have to wonder why, as there were plenty of other, intact glasses on the bar, and a half-full bottle, next to it. Why didn’t she just pour herself another drink and go to town without fear of ingesting shards destined to shred her intestines Probably because it would have been less cinematic.)

Heather Tom, who plays Katie, is the only actress in history to ever win Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Younger Actress, Outstanding Supporting Actress, and Outstanding Lead Actress. Odds are, there’s another Emmy (at least a nomination) in her future for this Katie Is An Alcoholic storyline.

The Daytime Emmys love alcoholic storylines. (Not as much as they like twin stories, or rape stories but alcohol is right up there.)

Find out which actors have won in the past for playing drunk and hear from Another World's Linda Dano (Felicia) on how her Emmy-winning intervention came together, here:

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