Wednesday, January 21, 2015


On General Hospital, Sonny has 99 problems, and 98 of them have to do with being in jail, Ava, being in jail, Julian, being in jail, Johnny, and being in jail. But what is occupying the bulk of his mumbling and obsessing time?

How about the fact that Michael has turned his back on his adoptive dad, Sonny (well, both his parents—mom Carly, too), and returned to his biological father’s family, the Quartermaines? (We shall now take a moment to recall that Sonny managed to adopt Michael by hanging his bio dad on a meat hook and threatening to kill him unless he signed the papers; so it wasn’t exactly voluntary.)

But Sonny has always been more obsessed with Michael than he is interested in his natural children, including Dante (okay, Sonny didn’t know about him growing up; but he also shot him in the chest), Morgan (he shot Morgan’s mother in the head during delivery), Kristina (she’s a girl, so, whatever), and the newborn Avery (who had an equally good shot at turning out to be Sonny’s granddaughter due to her mother, Ava, also sleeping with the aforementioned Morgan).

Maybe Sonny loves Michael more because he’s named after him. Or maybe it’s because Sonny really enjoys taking things that are rightfully theirs away from other people. (Probably why he went into the mobstering business.) Or maybe it’s because, since they’re not biologically related, Michael always had the option of choosing someone else over Sonny. And Sonny really, really hates coming in second place. (Just ask Jax.)

On soaps, disputed paternity (and sometimes even maternity) is a near-daily occurrence. As a result, a lot of importance is placed on blood being thicker than water. Children are routinely handed over following the latest blood test, no matter how bonded they may have been to the original, presumed parent.

Every once in a while, however, some soap-opera parents prioritize their adoptive child over all the rest. Those instances are so rare, they deserve deeper exploration. Check out some of our favorites at Entertainment Weekly and make sure you leave a comment!


SoapFan78 said...

Micheal is Sonny's favorite child. Sonny explained that Michael is the only child that he raised from infancy. Michael has been a constant presence in his life. No other person was a loyal and devoted as Michael.

Carly sent Morgan to boarding school to keep him away from Sonny. Alexis limited Christina's contact with Sonny.

Michael is Sonny's son and true heir.

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