Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Last week, news broke that Kristen Alderson would soon be leaving General Hospital. Whether by her choice or the show’s depends on whom you believe.

It wasn’t too much of a surprise, though, as Alderson’s character never really caught on with fans. Or, rather, Alderson’s characters never caught on.

A daytime vet, Alderson began playing the role of Starr on One Life to Live in 1998, at the ripe old age of six. (This was after she’d already appeared on Broadway as Molly in the musical Annie. Feeling like an underachiever yet?) Alderson grew up in the part until the show’s cancellation in 2012, whereupon Starr was relocated to Port Charles and GH. However, a lawsuit from Prospect Park, the company that bought the rights to revive OLTL online, forced GH to send Starr out of town. They then brought on a totally new character, Kiki Jerome—who, for reasons never explained or acknowledged, happened to look exactly like Starr and was also, coincidentally, played by Alderson.

Soaps try to pulls these kinds of switcheroos all the time, taking popular actors, giving them new character names, and hoping that lightning will strike twice. Especially when it comes to super-couples.

Unfortunately, it never, ever works.

Want proof? Check out this week's Entertainment Weekly soap column at:


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