Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Yalsa The Hub: Your Connection To Teen Reads featured Murder on Ice in their post, YA Reads for Perfecting Your Triple Toe Loop:

Murder On Ice by Alina Adams
Bex works as a researcher for the 24/7 network. She’s helping cover the World Figure Skating Championships. The announcers argue over the winners –even going so far as to say someone bribed a judge. When the judge turns up murdered the next morning, the police believe it to be an accident, but with the accusation of bribery, Bex isn’t convinced. After a little digging, she’s  sure it’s murder. If she wants to keep her job, Bex needs to solve this crime and fast.

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Meanwhile, IdeaMensch interviewed me about enhanced ebooks, and got me to reveal this personal little tidbit:

IdeaMensch: What software and web services do you use? What do you love about them?

Alina Adams: A few years ago, after a panel on writing, a fellow author came up to me and said, “I’d love to do an enhanced ebook, but I’ve priced it out and those IT guys are so expensive.” “I sleep with my IT guy,” I explained. (It’s alright, we’re married.) “Oh!” she exclaimed. “That would be so much cheaper!” So what web services do I use? My husband. And what do I love about him? More than just his web services.

More trade secrets at: http://ideamensch.com/alina-adams/

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