Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Figure Skating isn't exactly the kind of sport you want to listen to on the radio. It kind of loses something, no?

It's not even the kind of sport you want to read about. I tried the best I could to describe the beauty, power, athleticism and artistry of skating in my series of Figure Skating Murder Mysteries, Murder on Ice, On Thin Ice, Axel of Evil, Death Drop and Skate Crime, but it wasn't until I was able to add videos by The Ice Theatre of NY as part of the story that the skating truly came to life. (Check out how it works, here.)

However, when it comes to me talking about some of my favorite skating memories as a TV researcher, writer and producer, including Michelle Kwan winning her first World Championship, watching Michael Weiss attempt to land a quad with Brian Boitano, sharing a broadcasting booth with Dick Button and Peggy Fleming, translating for Irina Slutskaya and more, radio is a pretty good venue.

I did two interviews yesterday all about the Olympic team competition and the upcoming individual events.

Listen to me on ESPN's Sports Pen, here.

And on WDLB AM 1450, here.

How do I sound?

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