Monday, April 29, 2013


Dennis was waiting for Donna in front of C-Squared’s building.  He’d called and told her there was an emergency.  She needed to get down here right away.

Donna did.

And Dennis led her towards Matt’s office.  He refused to answer her questions along the way.  He figured, in this case, a picture was worth an infinite amount of words.  (Just in case they were too late, Dennis had also snapped an actual picture with his phone.  One could never be too careful in matters like this.)

Luckily for Dennis – not so much for anyone else – Matt and Olivia had obviously decided to take their time.  Because there was no need for external visual aids.  As soon as Donna stepped through the door, she understood exactly what was going on.

And so did Olivia and Matt.

For a long, fraught moment, the four of them held in frozen, shocked silence.  Donna stared at Matt and Olivia.  Matt stared at his wife.  And Olivia zeroed in on Dennis, who she knew had to be the cause of all this.  She had a pretty good idea of why he’d done it, too.

“You son of a bitch,” Olivia was the first to speak.

“I believe,” Donna managed to pull herself together, refusing to let this little tramp see just how horrified she was by the scene in front of them.  “What you meant to say was: It’s not what you think.”

“Oh, it’s exactly what you think.”


Dennis helps Donna get an eyeful of Matt and Olivia, Jamie continues a painful lie, Lucas takes a chance, Amanda's plan backfires, Marley continues her dangerous juggling act, and Rachel and Felicia encounter a new challenge.

How they react to it, though, is up to you:

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