Monday, April 15, 2013


Iris considered, “It must have so peeved you, all those years ago, to lose your beautiful young wife to an uncouth ruffian like Steve Frame.  Here you were, offering her the best that middle class morality had to offer, and Rachel still went sniffing after a working-class stud.  And then, of course, there was the scandal with Jamie!  She let you name that boy after your own father, all the while knowing – “

“This isn’t going to work,” Russ informed Iris calmly.  “Digging up ancient history isn’t going to change how I feel about Rachel today.”

“So I was right.”  Iris smiled without a touch of genuine emotion.  “You are in love with her.”

“Yes.” Russ all but flung the word at Iris.

Her expression didn’t waver.  “How terribly sad for you.”

“You mean, because Carl is still alive?”

“Because you’ll never measure up,” she explained as if to a dim child.  “Look at all the men Rachel has to compare you to.  Daddy, of course, first and foremost.  Carl and his sleazy charm.  Even Steve Frame clearly had something you lacked.  Now granted, those husbands and lovers who came in between, your Ted Clarks, your Ken Jordans, them you could probably best.  But, even Spencer once showed an inexplicable interest in Rachel.  And then there’s Mitch Blake.  I do hear very positive things about Mr. Blake’s charms… His attempt to murder my father, aside.  Truly, darling, how do you expect to compete?”


Iris tries an interesting approach to getting back into Russ' good graces, Rachel and Felicia take a step closer to their goal, Frankie refuses to back down - even for Cass, Grant and Marley ponder their windfall, Olivia assures Matt she has a plan where Donna is concerned, and Allie makes Zeno a stunning offer.

The truth draws tantalizingly closer in today's AWT:

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