Wednesday, April 03, 2013


It's a week of soap opera anniversaries!  On Monday, we highlighted General Hospital, Tuesday it was As the World Turns, and now it's time to wish a happy anniversary to The Edge of Night!

Enjoy an excerpt and clip from our interview with Tony Craig talking about EON's Fugitive-like Great Train escape, below!

Originally posted on 4/4/12


Along with As the World Turns, The Edge of Night also marked an anniversary this Monday. To celebrate, we are offering Soap Opera 451: A Time Capsule of Daytime Drama's Greatest Moments enhanced e-book for 50% off regular cover price at Amazon and, as well as an exclusive excerpt from our interview with actor Tony Craig, who played Draper Scott during EON's 1980 Fugitive storyline:

It was all done on the soundstage. They had stock footage of a railroad car. They did everything in close-up, and they had me wandering in about six square feet of artificial trees. I told the director, "Just get a couple of cameras and follow me around, and I won’t go outside this perimeter." And sure enough, that’s what he did. We shot it all in one take on one soundstage with artificial trees and smoke pots. That’s all we did. I was so concerned about not getting out of the camera line and giving them as much as I could in terms of the movement, because it had to seem like I was going for miles, when I was only going six square feet, around and around. I guess when you’re young you can do anything.

Check out the result of Tony's hard work (in a very small space) below:

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