Friday, May 14, 2010



Mindy was just settling into being a new mom with Hudson, when she witnessed an awkward reunion between Holly and Meg (with Fletch and Alex in tow).

Alex didn't let being in the company of children stop her from purring, "Congratulations on your new arrival, Melinda. Of course, taking care of an infant is so arduous... especially at your age... Wouldn't you agree, Holly?"

Holly parried, "
How would you know, Alex, you've never raised an infant in your life."

And the insults continued from there. (For details, click on the link above. And remember, Twitter reads chronologically from the bottom up; newest posts first.)

Fletch interceded by sharing that Meg would be living in Springfield permanently now, and going to the same high-school as Leah, Jason and Kevin. They'd just received an anonymous grant - "Imagine that," Alex trilled - to start an inclusion class for children of various abilities.

Later, Mindy spoke on the phone to Marah, who said people were wondering when Mindy intended to get back to work. Mindy wasn't sure if she wanted to now, but promised to get back to Marah ASAP.

When the phone rang again seconds later, Mindy picked it up with a, "Very funny, Marah."

But it wasn't Marah on the other end.

"Hello, Melinda Sue. My name is Mrs. Rose Levine. A long time ago, I used to be Rose Greenman. I understand you believe I'm your mother..."

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JANICE said...

As much as I love seeing Fletcher and Alexandra mentioned in your synopsis from time to time, I will continue to think of them travelling around the world together. It's more romantic that way and these two characters deserve all the happiness they can get!