Thursday, May 20, 2010


The invitation to Lori Ann's christening had come by text-message and from Frankie, not Felicia. Lorna guessed that when her mother instructed, "Just family," Cass' wife had foolishly assumed that obviously meant Lorna, too.

At least Lorna had received the correct hour for this occasion. Coming late had been of her own volition this time. She snuck into the back of the church, and watched, unobserved, as her niece was baptized the daughter of Mary Frances and Cass Winthrop, goddaughter of Sharlene Frame, sister of Charlie, granddaughter of the one and only Felicia Gallant.

Dean should have been here. Lucas should have been here. Jenna... Jenna should have been here most of all. This wasn't right. And everybody knew it.

Felicia, being Felicia, tried to make up for the underlying sadness on what ostensibly was such a happy occasion by being even more... Felicia than usual....

* * *

Frankie blindsides Cass with an accusation, John makes Donna an offer, Allie and Gregory face a new crisis, while Jamie and Lorna finally (!) go on their long-awaited date.

Plus, classic John/Sharlene and Cass/Frankie clips, and the infamous Jenna/Dean "Ladykiller" video in its entirety.

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