Monday, May 10, 2010


Lucas smiled, took a seat on his cot, and, as if they weren't locked into adjacent jail cells but socializing in some more congenial setting, asked Jamie, "So what exactly are your intentions towards my daughter? Do you see the two of you getting married? Or just shacking up and having a good time?"

"I — to be honest, I haven't thought that far ahead, yet. The only immediate plans Lorna and I made before... everything... was to go on a date."

"I'm going to prison just so the two of you can date?"

"Well, it'd be our first official date," Jamie offered. "We've kind of been stuck — "

"At the gate," Lucas finished. "Yeah, Lorna told me. She also said a lot can happen at the gate, and apparently a lot has. You get that look on your face every time you say her name. The one that strikes fear into the hearts of fathers everywhere. Do you love her?"

"That," Jamie said, politely but firmly. "Is between Lorna and I. No one else."

* * *

The fall-out from Lucas' confession brings out the best in Rachel and Alice, as well as Kirkland and Grant - and the worst in Felicia and Lorna. Donna laments her treatment to John, Cass reluctantly steps up, and GQ makes an uncomfortable confession.

Plus a classic Cass in therapy clip, and Lucas lays down the law to Dean.

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