Friday, November 06, 2009


On-going Guiding Light synopsis from for November 2, 2009 to November 6, 2009.

Mindy and Bill go looking for Lizzie after she runs off following Sarah's refusal to come home with her. They find Lizzie at the lake where Alan's ashes were scattered.

Lizzie sobs that she came to remind herself that becoming too possessive of her family could turn Lizzie into Alan. She apologizes to Bill and promises to do better. But when Mindy mentions that she fed Alana in Lizzie's absence, the jealousy flares up again.

Spending time with Alana prompts Mindy to remind Rick that she wants to have a baby, ASAP. She's worried that her past miscarriages mean she'll never be able to carry to term. Rick suggests a full check-up. He also suggests they go see an adoption attorney, just to explore all their options. He tells Mindy the worst thing that will happen is they'll end up with two babies!

Leah goes out with Kevin Marler, a fact that doesn't thrill either Mindy or Rick. He reminds them a little too much of his grandfather, Roger.

Kevin explains his fancy sports-car by saying that Roger left him a trust-fund Kevin could access at any time. Roger didn't think his grandson should have to wait for anything he really wanted.

Over brunch the next day, Beth tells Mindy that Phillip is desperately searching for some spiritual meaning in his life. He is delving deeply into all sorts of religions and he wants Beth to be a part of his journey. Phillip thinks that Alan tried to control everything around him his entire life, and that only led to misery for all involved. Phillip doesn't want himself and Beth to end up like that. He wants them to open themselves up to the universe, to let go and just be, to stop struggling. But to Beth, Phillip asking her to give up control to a higher power is terribly threatening. Beth was controlled most of her life: By Bradley, by Carl, by Edmund. She refuses to become powerless again.

In the middle of their brunch, Rick calls to say that Leah skipped school. Could Mindy please track her down - Rick and Mel are both at work. Mindy doesn't know where to start looking for a rebellious teen. Beth calls James for advice. He happens to be with Daisy, and Beth remarks, "What luck! Two ex-delinquents for the price of one!"

Daisy mentions that she and Rafe used to hide out at the Spaulding Lake House. Which is precisely where Mindy finds Leah... with Kevin.

Mindy brings her stepdaughter home, where Rick rails on and on about her not living up to her potential and about the bad influence Kevin is. He says that Leah can't see him again.

She demands that he give her one good reason why not.

Rick replies, "Because he's your brother."

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Donna said...

Thanks Mindy for posting your blog. The hole left by GL is growing daily and your blog helps the transition some. Please don't stop :)

Ana said...

LOL, why not use a better picture of Roger? One where he's more attractive?

supersage21 said...

I would LOVE for GL to have been written like this.

Myrna said...

Thanks Mindy, this is almost like having GL back. I love it. Could you go visit Company and see how Buzz and Lilly are doing, along with Frank and his family. Is Frank still with Blake? I hope things are going well with them.

Jane said...

But Kevin isn't Leah's brother. Ross is Kevin's father, not Rick.