Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tune in to As The World Turns on Wednesday, November 18th when Jack (Michael Park) and Molly (Lesli Kay) realize they're in danger.

Christopher Durham appears as Congressman Silas Whitman on Wednesday, November 18.


nancyd said...

Thanks for the pics!

The first day of Molly/Lesli's return was great! The writers nailed who Molly is. It's great to not see a character completely change when they return. I know there are fun times ahead. Now bring on the Molly/Carly reunion. Can't wait for that!

TomarCarjack said...

Absolutely LOVED Molly's return! As nancyd said... "The writers nailed" it!!! LMAO! Molly is Molly! A huge thank you to TPTB for remembering Molly and giving her back to us as herself. Bring on the "Cuz" reunion!!! Yay!!!