Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Craig has his hands full with both sisters. Don't miss Wednesday, November 4th as Craig & Rosanna continue to keep their relationship a secret.

Carly walks in on Craig & Rosanna on Thursday, November 5th and when Rosanna leaves the two alone Craig makes his move.


Alina said...

Wow, Craig's such a sleazeball. Can't wait till Carly finds out, dumps him and starts off on her journey with Jack :D

Thanks for the pics!

nancyd said...

I agree with Alina. Craig is a total sleaze. I really hope Carly is playing him and already knows. Can't wait until he's out of Carly's life and she and Jack start on their Road to Redemption. That's going to be great.

Thanks for the photos!

Amy said...

I much prefer Craig/Carly over Craig/Rosanna. But Craig better beg Carly for forgiveness.