Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Before she was GL's Lillian, Tina Sloan played Dr. Olivia Delaney on Another World.

Read the Another World Today interview with Tina to find out about life after Bay City - and Springfield.

Plus, Episode #19 of Another World Today up now!


Dennis said...

Welcome Back!!

Trinnie said...

About time you update.

Derek said...

Welcome back. Your loving updates on these wonderful shows have been missed. Any chance in the remaining two days of Guiding Light that you could reference all the cameo performers in recent weeks and the connections their characters have with the show? I watched the Billy and Vanessa wedding, but did not know the connection between some of the guests such as Nola and Dylan.

Kevin said...

Dylan is Billy Lewis' son and Reva's. Nola Reardon is married to Vanessa's brother, Quint. Both characters, Dylan and Nola were big parts of the show. When Nola and her niece, Bridget, entered Company their comment referred to the fact that the Reardon family were the original owners of Company and the adjoining boarding house.

Derek said...

Thanks Kevin. I have just been getting into Guiding Light in the last year through web postings on You Tube. It is far more realistic with genuine characters than what I see occasionally on General "Mob" Hospital. Some of the plotlines are a bit hard to swallow (everyone allowing Dinah to get-off free for murder?), but Guiding Light is the soap that seems to reflect best real people in a real town. I actually like the remote shots and find them different that everything else on the tube.

PS to the P&G blogger - Please run some kind of acknowledgement to mark GL's last episode tomorrow. Fans of As the World Turns are also deserving of some updates soon.