Friday, August 07, 2009


As Paul and Emily's relationship takes yet another twisted turn, relive the January 31, 2008 episode of As The World Turns on, wherein Paul explains to Emily that he understands crimes of passion "Like shooting a guy in the back and rolling his body off a cliff."

"Next time," Emily snarks, "I'll pick a higher cliff."

Meanwhile, on the February 8, 2008 episode of Guiding Light, Natalia first holds Olivia's heart in her hands. Only this time around, Natalia isn't about to let Olivia's cardiac-condition stand in the way of Natalia marrying the love of her life... Gus.

Watch both blasts from the past, only on!


Tanzania said...

I miss Natalia...**sniff**

2A said...

Thanks for the picture.

Oh, if Olivia and Natalia only knew what was to come of them...

elvara said...

Another crappy rewriting. Another character destroyed. Harley was Gus' great love not boring Natalia.